Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank You

I always get the greatest Christmas gifts, and then I am lax about sending out Thank You cards. As an artist, I get caught in that trap of "oh, why buy a card when I can make it." (Well the answer to that is, because if you buy it, it might actually get sent sometime this YEAR!) In any case, today I finished this cute one that I'm going to use, and finally get my thank-yous out.

Oh, and I should say that if these drawings from the past few days look like those from Aimee Myers Dolich, then that's because she is inspiring me at the moment. But I won't cross the line and add these lovely little creations to my work that I'm selling. I need to get through the new ideas inspired by others and BACK to my own style, or onto a brand new style of my very own that has yet to be fully developed. These are just baby steps along the way.

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