Tuesday, January 18, 2011

List-It Tuesday - Jan. 18, 2011

Aimee has just indicated that she's done hosting List-It Tuesday. Which just reinforces my belief that my timing is impeccable. I started it last week for the first time, and ka-put. It's gone! Well that's OK. I was too busy to get to a list today anyway. (see last week for reasons)

This week finds me in the midst of an artistic crisis. All my artist friends seem to be surging forth into success with their art. And I, knee-deep in homeschooling lessons and a part-time day job, can't seem to get paint to canvas half the time. Why is it that I expect myself to excel in all aspects of my life, at all times, all at once? (Do I have a red cape and tights hanging in my closet that I don't know about?)

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  1. when my kids were younger and i went through that phase of having to be everything to everyone all day long, i took little chunks of time - even five minutes at a time - sometimes hiding in closets - and wrote/drew a little something that directly addressed the feeling... and it helped me deal with the distress and make something at the same time. i've kinda been feeling this way lately with all the holidays and snow days -- everyone's home and it's impossible to get things done. so i'm kind of in that zone with you at the moment.

    and sorry i pulled the rug out from under you on list it tuesday! i might start up illustration friday again -- that's always fun if you want a quick prompt.