Tuesday, January 11, 2011

List-It Tuesday - Jan. 11, 2011

OK, Amy Myers Dolich at the Artsyville blog has this thing called List-It Tuesday, where you make a list and post it. I hope I am understanding this right. I don't have time to create anything artistic to go with it. It's just a list! After you see it, you'll know why I have no art to go with it. I'm lucky I got it down on paper! :-)


  1. you'll get the hang of list it tuesday. i'm one of the least artistic of the bunch, largely because my main list of life looks a lot like yours!

  2. I'll get the hang of it? Is there something I ought to be doing differently? (other than being more creative about it, I suppose)

    Hey, thanks for commenting anyway. I just recently dusted off this old blog which used to be more personal, and am trying to breathe new life into it and get more art on it & more connections happening.

  3. your list is certainly full, but it contains a lot of warm and fuzzy stuff...like family! love it!

    i liked your 'ha' and 'double ha' comments. i feel much the same about sleep and exercise...it's so darn hard to get done! good luck anyway!

    *i'm listing too.

  4. Don't worry about that first comment. I think this is more about little snapshots of a person's life, what they are thinking about at the moment. My lists are not artistic at all, but they are me.

    Your list is amazing, but I really hope there is more than one of you. That's a lot to manage!

  5. looks like you're one busy lady! Love your artwork - so cute! {:-D

  6. looks awesome! and hey, there are no rules for the prompt, so there is nothing to fret about. i just started it because i had the urge to write a list one day, and i invited others to jump in. that's all! thanks for participating!