Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mixed media fun

I decided to try my hand at mixed-media this weekend. I'm in an inbetween-place, between wanting to keep the best of what people liked about my formerly predominant kind of art (the acrylic kitties) but also venture out into new territory that *I* find personally interesting and creative. There will be much experimenting in the coming weeks.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

On alone-time

I have been alone all day (husband and son went to Grandma's 24 hours ago!!) and I realized today that it takes me THAT long to get to any productive thoughts or ideas. I can, of course, dash off little doodles or thoughts in a found moment here or there, but to get anywhere BIG, to solve a problem or break through an artistic block, I need HOURS. In a row! It takes me that long for one thought to lead to another, to another, and 5 hours later, a solution or an inspiration happens, and then I've still got some time to act on it.

I have got to find a place to send my son! Darling boy, I love him so much, but because we homeschool, he is omnipresent. I drive him to classes here and there that are two hours long but that's not long enough to come home and create in my own space. I work in coffee shops or learning center waiting rooms, out of a backpack that contains all my art supplies, or a computer that lets me work on my paid job. I work like a refugee.

I am not whining. It's just the truth of it. I need to come up with a solution.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

List-It Tuesday - Jan. 18, 2011

Aimee has just indicated that she's done hosting List-It Tuesday. Which just reinforces my belief that my timing is impeccable. I started it last week for the first time, and ka-put. It's gone! Well that's OK. I was too busy to get to a list today anyway. (see last week for reasons)

This week finds me in the midst of an artistic crisis. All my artist friends seem to be surging forth into success with their art. And I, knee-deep in homeschooling lessons and a part-time day job, can't seem to get paint to canvas half the time. Why is it that I expect myself to excel in all aspects of my life, at all times, all at once? (Do I have a red cape and tights hanging in my closet that I don't know about?)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sometimes the kitty knows best

Every so often the Inner Critic gets going and PK has to talk a little sense into me.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

List-It Tuesday - Jan. 11, 2011

OK, Amy Myers Dolich at the Artsyville blog has this thing called List-It Tuesday, where you make a list and post it. I hope I am understanding this right. I don't have time to create anything artistic to go with it. It's just a list! After you see it, you'll know why I have no art to go with it. I'm lucky I got it down on paper! :-)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank You

I always get the greatest Christmas gifts, and then I am lax about sending out Thank You cards. As an artist, I get caught in that trap of "oh, why buy a card when I can make it." (Well the answer to that is, because if you buy it, it might actually get sent sometime this YEAR!) In any case, today I finished this cute one that I'm going to use, and finally get my thank-yous out.

Oh, and I should say that if these drawings from the past few days look like those from Aimee Myers Dolich, then that's because she is inspiring me at the moment. But I won't cross the line and add these lovely little creations to my work that I'm selling. I need to get through the new ideas inspired by others and BACK to my own style, or onto a brand new style of my very own that has yet to be fully developed. These are just baby steps along the way.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm back! Redesign is on the way

I have been away for a long time. This blog is about to have some new life breathed into it. The first order of business was to get rid of the brown and beige color scheme (what was I thinking?!), and soon I will be redesigning the whole thing. I hope you will be patient with this multi-tasking, homeschooling, artist, work-at-home web moderator mama.