Saturday, February 28, 2015

When you've been away too long...

I've been away too long in many senses of the phrase. It's been ages since I posted here, but that's because I've been away from myself too long as well.

Blogging is a very personal thing. It involves putting one's feelings out there for the world to see, and for a relatively private person that can be very hard. Writing articles isn't the same thing. Articles are easier because blogs are by their nature personal and are supposed to reveal the writer's thoughts and feelings. I find it difficult sometimes.

Several years ago I got a part time job that involved weekly blogging. Between that and the burnout of having that job, homeschooling a young son and trying to keep the art business going, something had to go and this blog was it!

But I do like this blog. The creative life is worth living and worth talking about. And having to write about it regularly is one way to make sure that it never slips away from me in favor of the mundane and soul-sucking "shoulds" that we can find ourselves surrounded with.

I'm glad to be back. And since I am never one to put up a post without some art attached to it,  I will attach something new to this one. This picture of a dog was inspired by a photo that a Facebook friend posted recently. The dog was looking at the snow as if to say "Where is my ball? I can't find my ball!" (The snow has been way too deep for way too long lately.) So I used Photoshop to make a little digital painting of it.

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