Saturday, November 30, 2013

AEDM Day 29 - Paint & Sip

Today I didn't have time to do a separate "Art Every Day Month" project. But I did make a large painting at a "paint & sip" studio that I was researching for a possible teaching gig. You know those places; they assign a painting for that day and you have to paint it. The painting I did came out OK, I suppose. Everyone in the class went "ooh" and "aah" about it. But I am not putting it here for numerous reasons.

The "painting du jour" was of a glass of wine next to a Christmas tree decorated with colorful ball ornaments. You can trust me when I say that I would probably never have created a painting with a glass of wine as the main focal point. (I considered switching it to a mug of coffee or hot chocolate, two other festive options, but those are short and would have flubbed up the composition.) My brand is important to me, so I am not going to put that on my site even if the colors are really pretty.

Also, it is not my style and not my best work. I usually work with different kinds of paint, on a different kind of surface (table, not easel), and in a different way. I prefer, for the most part, to put down the background before the foreground items. This teacher had us put all the Christmas balls down first and then fill in the tree around it. Although I can see why she did it. For the amount of time allotted, it made the painting go faster.

So anyway, you can all just wonder how it came out. :-)

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